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UNESCO: International Commission for the History of the Scientific and Cultural Development of Mankind

كان زريق ، عضوا في المجلس التنفيذي للأونيسكو (1950 – 1954)، وعضوا في اللجنة الدولية لتاريخ التطور الثقافي و العلمي للبشرية للأونيسكو

 Zurayk served on the Executive Board of UNESCO: after representing his country (Syria) on the Board, he, along with the representative of Brazil was elected to the General Executive Board. He also served on the Executive Board for the International Commission for a History of the Scientific and Cultural Development of Mankind, and contributed immensely to international dialogue and cultural diversity. He was charged with writing and overseeing the part related to the history of Arabs, in the publication issued by the Commission, “The History of Mankind”. Zurayk also played an important role in the UNESCO, and in heading the International Association of Universities under it. He worked hard to raise standards of admissions to universities in the Arab world, to plan their development with a view towards meeting international standards, and accreditation requirements, while being faithful to the region’s needs and cultures. This work helped him tremendously in fulfilling his advisory and leadership role vis-a -vis many Arab Universities, in his efforts to raise their standards and performance.