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Al-Marʼah Al-Jadīdah

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المرأة الجديدة : مجلة غايتها بث روح التربية الإستقلالية وتحسين الحياة العاثلية وترقية المرأة السورية ادبياً وعلمياً واجتماعياً

al-Marʼah al-jadīdah : majallah ghāyatuhā bath rūḥ al-tarbīyah al-istiqlālīyah wa-taḥsīn al-ḥayāt al-ʻā’ilīyah wa-tarqiyat al-mar’ah al-surīyah adabīyan wa-ʻilmīyan wa-ijtimāʻīyan

In April 1921, Julia Tu’mah Dimashqiyah established the al-Marʼah al-jadīdah journal (Arabic: المرأة الجديدة, meaning "New Woman") in Beirut. It was one of the leading women’s periodicals, and the most respected in Lebanon and the Arab World. Badr, Julia’s husband, was her first supporter and assistant to publish the journal from the beginning; the journal was edited and printed from the home garden. al-Marʼah al-jadīdah continued to be published for seven years, after which it was discontinued due to Julia’s illness. Julia usually addressed women in her column entitled “إلى ابنة بلادي” (To the daughters of my country), where she called upon women to occupy their rightful place in society. The journal aimed at instilling an independent spirit in women, liberating their mind, and making them aware of the responsibilities entailed by freedom. Here also, contributions from women readers were encouraged. The main sections of the journal were: Arab Women in Renaissance, Brides of the month, Health and Beauty, Literature, cooking, household, News, and a section for juvenile audience.

Many prominent male and female contributed to the journal; one of them was Mary Yanni, who at that time, her own magazine, Mīnirfā منيرفا was suspended.

Front page and editorial of the eighth issue of the first year of al-Marʼah al-jadīdah.

Publication Date: 1921-1927

Place: Beirut, Lebanon

Frequency: Monthly

Available as print and microfilm at AUB Libraries 

Call number:  059:M31mA and Mic-NA:0205

Library has: v.1-7 (1921-1927) in print and v.1-3 (1921-1923) on Microfilm


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