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Rūz Anṭūn Haddad Biography


Rūz Anṭūn Haddad

روز أنطون حداد

Another pioneer in women’s renaissance in the Orient was Rose Antun Haddad (Arabic: روز أنطون حداد, 1882-1955, ), a Lebanese writer and journalist. Rose was born in Tripoli and attended the American Mission School of al-Mina and the primary school of Tripoli. At the age of 15, she left Lebanon with her brother Farah Antūn (فرح انطون), a journalist and political writer, to settle in Egypt. She taught at the American School of Alexandria. Rose was also an editor and contributor in the journal al-Jāmiʻah (الجامعة), which was founded by her brother in Alexandria in 1899, then later moved to New York. In 1903, with the support of her brother Farah, Rose launched the magazine Majallat al-sayyidāt wa-al-banāt (مجلة السيدات والبنات). This monthly publication addressed family and education issues, and published for 3 years only. In 1907, Rose and her fiancé, the writer Nicolas Haddad, immigrated to the United States, along with Rose’s brother, Farah, to republish al-Jāmiʻah there. In 1909, Rose and Nicolas tied the knot, and returned to live in Egypt, where she was occupied by her family affairs, in addition to attending several social and intellectual events. In 1925, Rose reissued her magazine under the title Majallat al-sayyidāt wa-al-banāt wa-al-rijāl (مجلة السيدات والبنات والرجال). 


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