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Majallat al-Sayyidāt wa-al-Banāt

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مجلة السيدات والبنات

Majallat al-sayyidāt wa-al-banāt

Majallat al-sayyidāt wa-al-banāt (Arabic: مجلة السيدات والبنات, meaning “The Ladies and Girls”) was published by Rose Antun Haddad (روز أنطوان حداد) in April 1903, and continued till 1906. Since its emergence, the journal promoted women’s advancement and supported women’s rights. It aimed to inspire and call on all women to take a more active role outside their families, and presented female employment opportunities in different jobs, other than their primary job as a wife and mother. In her first issue, Haddad stated that she would depend on European publications and reflect them in the articles. The journal was divided into several topics, mainly: cooking and table presentation, home arranging, cleaning and etiquette, preparation of tea tables, children and table manners, fashion and beauty, education, a scientific section, and a literary one. Majallat al-sayyidāt wa-al-banāt resurfaced in November 1921 under the title Majallat al-sayyidāt (Arabic: مجلة السيدات) for one year, then it changed its name to Majallat al-sayyidāt wa-al-rijal (Arabic: مجلة السيدات والرجال), which remained in publication till 1931.

Front page and editorial of the first issue of Majallat al-sayyidāt wa-al-banāt

Publication Date: 1903-1906

Place: Alexandria, Egypt

Frequency: Monthy

Available as Microfilm at AUB Libraries

Call number:  Mic-NA:0159

Library has: v.1-3 (1903- 1906)


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