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مينرفا : مجلة أدب وفن وإجتماع

Mīnirfā : majallat adab wa-fan wa-ijtimāʻ

Mīnirfā (Arabic: مينرفا) was founded by Marī Yannī, one of the most notable women of her time, in 1923 in Beirut. The magazine, named after Minerva, the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, was originally published monthly in 1916, in a handwritten format, but was suspended due to the scarcity of paper in Lebanon during World War I. Later, it was reissued as a magazine for “Literature, Art, and Sociology,” in print format. Yanni, a devoted supporter of women’s rights, dedicated several sections of the magazine to discussing women’s roles and achievements in the Nahda era, particularly in the fields of education and journalism.

The magazine also presented social problems and concerns through short stories and other literary forms. Many elite male and female journalists contributed in Mīnirfā, among them were Mari Ajami (founder of Al-ʻArūs journal), Kahlil Gibran, Huda Sha’rawi, Ibtihaj Kaddoura,and others.

Mīnirfā lasted until 1932, when it ceased due to economic hardship. 

First page and editorial of Mīnirfā.

Publication Date: 1923-1930 (1932?)

Place: Beirut (Lebanon)

Frequency: Monthly

Available as Microfilm and Print at AUB Libraries

Call number:  PA 059:M66mA and Mic-NA:0277

Library has: v.1 - 7 (1923-1929) as print (not complete) and v.1-6 (1923-1928) on microfilm


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