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الفجر : مجلة نسائية أخلاقية تهذيبية

al-Fajr: majallah nisā’īyah akhlāqīyah tahdhībīyah

Al-Fajr (Arabic:الفجر، meaning “The Dawn”) is a women literary magazine founded by Najlā Abī al-Lamaʻ Maʻluf, in 1919. It lasted for six years in Beirut, then was republished in 1951in Canada by Ra’if Abī al-lamaʻ (Najla’s borther) under the subtitle “A scientific, literary, historical, and health magazine”. The aim of the journal was to bring general knowledge to women, who had less opportunities than men in general, and less access to education in specific. Al-Fajr emphasized women’s contributions and achievements; its articles focused on ethics, morals, poetry, and literature. It called for freedom of speech and invited women readers to share their thoughts and writings. The journal featured contributions from Mary Yanni (founder of Mīnirfā منيرفا, ), Mary Ajami (founder of al-Arus العروس) and Labibah Madi (Founder of Fatāt al-Sharq فتاة الشرق, ) among other prominent male and female journalists and authors.



Front page and editorial of the first issue of the third year of al-Fajr

Publication Date: 1919-1924

Place: Beirut, Lebanon

Frequency: Monthly

Available as Microfilm and Print at AUB Libraries

Call number:  Mic-NA:0182  and 059:F178fA

Library has: v.1-3 (1919-1923) as print and 1921 on Microfilm


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