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Rūz al-Yūsuf

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روز اليوسف : صحيفة أسبوعية أدبية مصورة. 

Rūz al-Yūsuf : ṣaḥīfah usbūʻīyah adabīyah muṣawwarah

Rūz al-Yūsuf (Arabic: روز اليوسف), was first published on October 26 ,1925, in Cairo, Egypt. The journal was named after its founder, Rose al Yusuf, and was first printed on a weekly basis, then on a daily basis. The journal was started as a cultural and literary publication. Articles focused on arts, theatre, celebrity news, and famous actresses. In 1926, the journal took a political turn, and was considered the main journal for political opposition against the British colonization of Egypt at the time.In 1928 and 1929, the Egyptian regime suspended and confiscated some issues due to their critical content.

Nonetheless, this did not prevent Rose from continuing her fierce campaign against the authorities. In 1936, Rose was the first Oriental woman to be imprisoned for political reasons. In 1960 President Jamal Abdul Nasser nationalized the magazine, which began to be controlled by the Egyptian government. Rūz al-Yūsuf was a very popular journal.

Despite the death of its founder in 1958, the journal continued in publication to date.


Front page and editorial of the first issue of Rūz al-Yūsuf

Publication Date: 1925-  

Place: Cairo, Egypt 

Frequency: weekly 

Available as print and microfilm at AUB Libraries   

Call number: 059:R78A and Mic-NA:0056

Library has: v.1- (1925 – ) in print and v.1-12 (1925-1952) on Microfilm 


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