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الخدر : مجلة نسائية علمية ادبية

al-Khidr : majallah nisā’īyah ʻilmīyah adabīyah.

Al-Khidr journal (Arabic: الخدر, meaning “A Woman’s Chamber”) was founded by ʻAfīfah Fandī Sa’b, in 1919, and lasted for eight years. It was a monthly literary and scientific periodical, which first appeared in Shuwayfat (Lebanon), then relocated to Aley (Lebanon) in 1929. Afifah’s objectives in publishing this journal were to enlighten women and educate girls, especially those who lived in the countryside, and who did not have access to schools. Al-Khidr is often regarded as the first Druze women’s magazine. Discussing the status of Druze women became a fixed topic in the articles Afifah published. The journal also focused on scientific, literary and health issues, as well as housekeeping. It welcomed all male and female writers of that era.  

Front page and introduction of the first issue pf al-Khidr Journal, including the publication’s Establishment Decree, dated June 4, 1919.

Publication Date: 1919-1927

Place:, Shuwayfat then Aley, Lebanon

Frequency: Monthly

Available as print and microfilm at AUB Libraries   

Call number:  059:K456kA and Mic-NA:0050

Library has: v.3-8 (1922 – 1927) in print (not complete) and v.1-8 (1919-1927) on Microfilm


البعيني، نجيب. صحافيات لبنانيات رائدات وأديبات مبدعات. بيروت : نوفل، 2007 -
داغر، يوسف أسعد. قاموس الصحافة اللبنانية، 1858-1974. بيروت: منشورات الجامعة اللبنانية، 1975 -