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Fatāt al-Sharq

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 فتاة الشرق : مجلة أدبية تاريخية روائية

Fatāt al-Sharq : majallah adabīyah tārīkhīyah riwā’īyah

Fatāt al-Sharq (Arabic: فتاة الشرق , meaning “The Young Woman of the East”) was founded by Labībah Mādī Hāshim لبيبة ماضي هاشم), ) who began her career as a journalist by writing for al-Fatāt magazine. The “Literary, Historical, and Fiction” journal was published by its owner, in 1906, and its publication continued until 1939. Fatat al-Sharq was one of the most famous women’s magazines in Egypt during that period, to the extent that it became, in its thirty-fourth volume, an advised textbook in basic education. The magazine dealt with the status of women in Arab society, and compared it to their status in Western societies, and called on women's political and social rights and demanded equality with men and women’s liberation from all restrictions. Since its early issues, the magazine’s focus was on introducing its readers to famous female figures in the East and West. It presented models of the liberated, productive, and aspiring women, in the form of biographies, portraits, stories, and memoires. It also focused on literary works, scientific renovations, social commentaries, and advice on domestic matters. The content was written in a straightforward approach, taking into consideration the various backgrounds of the readers.


Front page and editorial of the first issue of Fatat al-Sharq

Publication Date: 1906-1939

Place: Egypt

Frequency: Monthly

Available as Microfilm and Print at AUB Libraries

Call number: Mic-NA:0437 and 059:F25A

Library has: v.1 - 7 (1906 – 1912) on Microfilm, and v.1-v.34 (1906- 1939) as print (not complete) 


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