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 الفتاة : جريدة علمية تاريخية أدبية فكاهية

al-Fatāt : jarīdah ‘ilmīyah tārīkhīyah adabīyah fukāhīyah

 First Arab women's magazine, and one of the earliest periodicals in the region, al-Fatāt (Arabic: الفتاة, meaning “the young girl”) was launched by Hind Nawfal (هند نوفل) in Alexandria, in 1892. At a time of increased number of periodicals, and a growing community of female readers, the journal’s purposes were to create a space for Arab women to explore female topics and women rights, and to invite women of various backgrounds to share their thoughts, and encouraging their participation in public life. Al-Fatat was a scientific, historical, literary and humor journal, for and about women. It published articles in various feminine fields, avoiding political and religious topics. The magazine’s main sections were science, education, history, literature, humor and household. It covered biographies of notable figures in addition to book reviews, poems, ethics and fashion articles. Al-Fatat was initially published once a month but due to the growing demand, it was later issued twice a month. Despite the magazine's success, it ceased publication two years later when the editor got married. Nawfal's father and sister also contributed to the founding of the journal. Her father continued publishing the journal for few more years. One of the contributors was Najlā Abī al-lamaʻ Ma’luf (نجلا ابي اللمع معلوف) who later became the publisher of al- Fajr magazine (الفجر). It also attracted the attention of poetesses and female writers like Zaynab Fawwaz, and inspired generations of women working as press publishers including Julia Tu’mah Dimishqiyya (جوليا طعمة دمشقية), the publisher of one of the most renowned women magazines of its time, al-Marʼah al-jadīdah (المرأة الجديدة).


Front page and editorial of the first issue of al-Fatat Journal

Publication Date: 1892-1894           

Place: Alexandria (Egypt)

Frequency: Monthly

Available as Microfilm at AUB Libraries

Call number: Mic-NA:0224

Library has: v.1, n.1-22 (1982: November, 20 – 1984, November 1894)


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