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Celebrating the Class of 1998

On the occasion of Reunion 2023, the University Libraries Archives & Special Collections Department has prepared this “virtual exhibit.” All of the images (photographs, posters, publications, etc.) in the document below are hyperlinked – either to larger versions of the images or to the original full text of the publication.


Portrait of Samir Makdisi, 

Deputy President

From Deputy President Samir Maksdisi Speech at the Opening ceremony

“…The basic message of the University has remained unchanged since it was founded in 1866. Its principles reject discrimination and divisive influences and strongly uphold equity and fairness. These same principles, to which we should always strive to adhere, demand that high academic and professional standards should guide the University's policies and decisions at all levels…”


“…Upon graduating you will carry with you, wherever you go and whatever endeavor you undertake, the traditions of this University. In a rapidly changing global environment characterized by the breakdown of national barriers and ever-closer interactions between countries, institutions and individuals, AUB's education and traditions we trust will serve you well…”


“…Once you complete your term of study and graduate, you will, as generations before you have, take pride in the fact you have become part of a unique experience of having had an AUB education. The graduates of this university feel that a common heritage binds them. There are at present over 37,000 alumni around the world. They constitute a major support group for the University and are bearers of the principles which this University upholds. As you begin this academic year, I ask you to be full of determination in achieving your goals and ambitions. Work hard but enjoy yourselves in extra-curricular activities. Help to preserve the beauty of our campus and enjoy its surroundings as have the generations which preceded you…”[1]


Portrait of Dr. Samir Atweh

From Dr. Samir Atweh Speech at the Opening ceremony

“…AUB is at a major crossroad today. Reaching unprecedented academic standards in the sixties and the early seventies, AUB like any other institution in Lebanon suffered the consequences of war. But, we can proudly say that AUB survived. Thanks to the efforts of those who braved the storm and held the fortress including students, faculty, workers, and above all Alumni in Beirut…”

“…No university can survive or excel without a strong pre-college education and no country can survive in an environment of concrete and waste ups. This is going to take a miracle, but the Lebanese have proved over and over again that they are capable of doing just that."[2]

Some numbers

“…At the end of July 1998, the total number of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates awarded since June 1870 totaled 60,764…”[3]


  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences: 553
  • Faculty of Medicine: 86
  • School of Nursing: 11
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture: 240
  • Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences: 96
  • Faculty of Health Sciences: 67
  • Division of Education Program: 25