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Celebrating the Class of 1972


Portrait of Samuel B. Kirkwood,

AUB President

On the occasion of Reunion 2022, the University Libraries Archives & Special Collections Department has prepared this “virtual exhibit.” All of the images (photographs, posters, publications, etc.) in the document below are hyperlinked – either to larger versions of the images or to the original full text of the publication.

From AUB President Samuel Kirkwood

“The year 1971-1972, which started with some uncertainty developing into violence, ended constructively in sober thought and justified hope for the future.”[1]This is how the year was described by AUB President Samuel Kirkwood in his Annual Report. He went on to comment, “This year, just as the past, began with another confrontation, in a sense the continuation of the strike of last May - and June. It was an ominous beginning. Fortunately, disruption of the university's program was short, and the resolution of the initial tensions led to a period of relative quiet during which many of our old concepts of university relationships and much that was new came under close examination. If resultant action was perhaps slower than original hopes, there was progress nevertheless… The students have the opportunity here at AUB to study and to learn. Now, in the years ahead it is their opportunity to build.[2]

Samir Thabet.PNG

Portrait of Samir Thabet,


From Provost Samir Thabet

Here are the reflections of Dr. Samir Thabet, provost: “We know that students can assist us in improving AUB. Their suggestions are welcome and their support solicited. AUB is a community of about 10,000: the size of a small city. Like any city, it has its problems: political, social, human, and urban. An extraordinary amount of talent, competence, and energy is concentrated in a single area. It is our sincere hope that from these will arise a human "monument" that will honor this university and all those who serve it and have graduated from it.

This year, among the many things which have been brought into sharper focus, is that AUB is in reality this community of those sharing in the give-and-take of higher education. Those who learn, also teach those who teach. Those who teach also learn much from those whose primary effort is directed toward learning. Any healthy community tolerates and encourages diversity. All sectors of the community assist the others to create a better whole. The continued existence of AUB as AUB depends on this mutual help and self-help, be it academic, administrative, or financial. Mutually accepted academic program revision, administrative revision, increased student and alumni participation, and increased fiscal support from all, assures that AUB will be the university we all want.”[3]

Some numbers
  • Enrolled in fall 1971: 4,169 students
  • Enrolled in spring 1972: 4,034 students
  • Nationalities: 61
  • Sponsored by USAID: 446 students
  • Sponsored by Arab governments: 270 students
  • Class of 1972: 941 students