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Celebrating the Class of 1997

David Dodge.PNG

Portrait of David S. Dodge,

AUB President

On the occasion of Reunion 2022, the University Libraries Archives & Special Collections Department has prepared this “virtual exhibit.” All of the images (photographs, posters, publications, etc.) in the document below are hyperlinked – either to larger versions of the images or to the original full text of the publication.

From AUB President David Dodge

AUB President David Dodge reflected on AUB in the Campus Yearbook: “… Many changes have taken place here on AUB campus over the past four years. The most obvious is the resurrection of College Hall, which stands nearly rebuilt. But subtler changes are also underway. Despite the years of hardship, AUB is again attracting new faculty and students from around the globe. We are investing in renovation, equipment and the latest technology. The world stands impressed at the resilience of the university in the most troubling of times, and recognizes its enduring importance as an oasis of rational and enlightened thought in the midst of the worst that humanity can offer.”

He then addressed the members of the Class of 1997: “Your future accomplishments will demonstrate the excellence and importance of the education you have received, and act as a lasting testament to the importance of AUB. In 1912, Daniel Bliss wrote, “If a succeeding generation does not advance upon its predecessors, the world will stand still." I implore you to learn from the past, from the successes and failures of your predecessors, but more importantly to look to the future and make it yours. Go forth from this beautiful campus and try your best to do meaningful things in the world. Again, I salute you and congratulate you.” [1]

Fawzi hajj.PNG

Portrait of Fawzi M. Hajj,

Professor and Dean of Student Affairs

From Outlook

“Student behavior was simply exemplary in terms of respecting individual freedom and applying true democracy. Student participation in various co-curricular activities and sports, was significant in terms of quality and diversity. Such participation must have enhanced the total learning experience of individual students and their preparation for actual life situations. I am sure our Alumni everywhere will be happy to learn that “OUTLOOK”: was recently reinstated. The Editorial Board managed to publish two issues during the Spring Semester. It is our conviction that “Outlook” will provide an effective medium for students to foster their education and to responsibly express their views pertaining to student concerns and interests.”[2]

Some numbers[3]
  • Enrolled in fall 1996: 4,907
  • Enrolled in spring 1997: 4,715
  • Percentage of graduate students: 15

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[3] Dodge, D. (1997). Annual Report of Acting President of the American University of Beirut.