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Celebrating the Class of 1974

On the occasion of Reunion 2024, the University Libraries Archives & Special Collections Department has prepared this “virtual exhibit.” All of the images (photographs, posters, publications, etc.) in the document below are hyperlinked – either to larger versions of the images or to the original full text of the publication.


Portrait of Samuel B. Kirkwood

From President Samuel Kirkwood

… AUB faces a period in which its program and perhaps even its purpose will examined, and this will be a year in which the daily operation of the University assumes an unusual importance. The President stated the formula of success of the academic year in these terms: «Very simply and sincerely I believe that whatever else we do here as teachers and administrators and students, we cannot succeed unless within our own actions we convey a conviction of respect for the dignity of our profession and honor to the privileged position of the scholar.»

Speaking of the region's major events during the past year which have naturally affected the University, the President said that at the end of the strike which last year disrupted the academic program, the University took actions to protect its integrity and continuity. The University, President Kirkwood remarked, was sustained by the community at large, by the Government, by the Alumni, and by parents. Some considerable misrepresentation, he said further, has been made of AUB's operations and of statements by its officials and faculty..

…«We will succeed if we are willing to make the University a place of scholarship and not an arena for political and factional conflicts.»[1]

Some numbers

Graduates during the past academic year 1973-1974 numbered 515 compared to 990 in 1972-1973. 177 graduated in October 1973, 155 in February 1974, and 1.83 m July 1974. This is the lowest year since 1961 when only 452 degrees were awarded, the reason being that many students in the graduating classes were unable to complete their requirements due to the student crisis last spring. Following is a breakdown of the degrees awarded by the various Faculties and Schools:

Arts and Sciences: 3 Doctorates, 101 Masters, 236 Bachelors (340)

Medicine: 1 PhD, 49 MD, and 10 MS (60)

Pharmacy: 2 MS and I BS (3)

Nursing: 3 BS (3)

Public Health: 4 MS, 9 MPH, and 2 BS (15)

 Engineering and Architecture: 18 ME, 2 B. of Architecture, and 10 B. of Engineering (30)

Agricultural Sciences: 47 MS and 17 BS (64)[2]

[1] 109th Academic Year. AUB Bulletin, Vol. XVIII, no.1 1974 (1)

[2] Crisis reduces graduates to 515. Al-Kulliyah Magazine, 1974 (45)