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Celebrating the Class of 1999

On the occasion of Reunion 2024, the University Libraries Archives & Special Collections Department has prepared this “virtual exhibit.” All of the images (photographs, posters, publications, etc.) in the document below are hyperlinked – either to larger versions of the images or to the original full text of the publication.

Khalil Bitar.jpg

Portrait of Khalil Bitar

From Khalil Bitar, Dean of Arts and Sciences[1]

…At this important and exciting juncture of your lives, you may look back with nostalgia and pride at your AUB years, but you can also look with confidence and hope at the years that lie ahead, whether you plan to continue your study or start your career. Those of you who want to do graduate work at AUB or elsewhere will discover how much the AUB experience has equipped them, not only with knowledge in a certain field, but also with the power of independent thinking and with critical abilities vital for any kind of research. As for those who want to establish their careers, they will soon find out how much AUB graduates are sought after, precisely for their mode of independent thinking and for the training that shaped up their characters and brought out the best of their abilities. Whatever your choice for the next years may be, I am confident that you will stay committed to the social and moral responsibilities that your status as AUB graduates so forcefully requires. All of us are privileged to belong to this institution, and as you QOW join the ranks of thousands of AUB alumni, I hope that you will always maintain close links with your Alma Mater. We owe it to AUB to carry its love in our hearts, to uphold its spirit, and to support it in any possible way…

Some numbers: 

Degrees and Diplomas awarded 1998-1999:[2]

- Faculty of Arts and Sciences: 667

- Faculty of Medicine: 77

- School of Nursing: 20

- Faculty of Engineering and Architecture: 231

- Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science: 121

- Faculty of Health Sciences: 57

- Division of Education Programs: 83

[1] To the Graduates of 1999. AUB Campus Yearbook, v.26, 1999 (35)

[2] AUB Bulletin, v.41, Fall 1999 (30)