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Campus life

John Waterbury 1999.jpg

Portrait of John Waterbury

From the President Waterbury’s address at the Opening Ceremony

…"We are a residential University. We believe that much learning goes on outside the classroom and the laboratory. We provide the space where you as students can learn to live with one another in ways that will prepare you for your lives after your studies. We believe that your physical presence here, close to many of your professors, will allow informal contacts and exchanges that will be as enriching as formal contacts in the classroom. We believe that your participation in the activities of clubs and in sports are important aspects of your general education….[3]

Portrait of Mirou Jaana.JPG

Portrait of Mirou Jaana

From Mirou Jaana, President of SRC-FHS

…"May they have fun and have it abundantly". With this spirit we worked, and as a big family we enjoyed the activities of the whole year. Leaving a mark is a difficult task, but leaving good memories accompanied by a smile can bring joy, respect and self-reward...[4]

[3] AUB Bulletin, v.41, Fall 1999 (10)

[4] AUB Campus Yearbook, v.26, 1999 (599)