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Commencement: July 12, 1999


Commencement Program 1999

The one hundred and thirtieth Commencement Exercises were held on Monday, July 12, at the University Athletic Field, in the presence of President Emile Lahoud whose son was among the graduates. A number of ministers, MPs and university presidents were also present. Speeches were given by President Waterbury, keynote speaker Professor Philip Khoury and student representative Hazar Carakalla. [5]Among the VIP attendants were President of the Republic Emile Lahoud and his wife, Minister of Health Karam Karam, Minister of Education Mohammad youssef Baydoun, MP Bahia Hariri, and ex-Minister Hagop Demerjian.

Commencement 1999 party

The 1999 AUB Graduation Party Committee organized its annual party in the honor of the graduating students. The event was held on July 12 1999 at Mechref Club, and was attended by more than 2000 Graduates and their friends, in addition to the President of the University, Dr. John Waterbury, the Provost, Dr. P. Heath and their distinguished guests.

[5] The 130th commencement exercises. AUB Bulletin, v.41, Fall 1999 (21)