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Celebrating the Class of 1971


Portrait Edwin Terry Prothro Dean,

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

On the occasion of Reunion 2022, the University Libraries Archives & Special Collections Department has prepared this “virtual exhibit.” All of the images (photographs, posters, publications, etc.) in the document below are hyperlinked – either to larger versions of the images or to the original full text of the publication.

From FAS Dean Edwin Terry Prothro

 “Believing that a truly educated man is not just a person equipped with certain skills to perform a particular job, we have tried to give you a liberal education which would prepare you not only for a profession but also for life. The degree of our success cannot be measured by grades or diplomas, but only by the kind of persons you have become, and by the ambitions you now have for the future. Judging by the large number of A.U.B. graduates whose activities have brought credit both to themselves and to the university, we are confident that those of you who are leaving us this year will continue to uphold the good name of this university by demonstrating both your intellectual capabilities and your concern for humanity."

Craig s. Lich.PNG

Portrait of Craig S. Lichtenwalner,

MD Dean, Faculties of Medical Sciences

From MD Dean Craig S. Lichtenwalner

“In your personal lives, you will leave the freedom and controlled environment of the campus and classroom for the challenging and risky world outside. In your professional lives, you will embark on careers of service with full responsibility for the scientific, ethical, and moral aspects of the practice of your profession.”

Some numbers

AUB awarded 899 degrees in 1971, the largest graduating class in the history of the university. These degrees are distributed as follows:

  • Arts and Sciences 613
  • Engineering and Architecture 95
  • Agriculture 92
  • Medicine 39
  • Nursing 31
  • Pharmacy 26
  • Public Health 3

Three students graduated with Ph.D. degrees: in Arab history, chemistry, and medical sciences.