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What became of the first graduates?

Kaysar Ghurayyib became a doctor in 1874 then worked as a physician at the English Hospital in Jaffa, Palestine. Died in Jaffa, March 1919; Dr. Ibrahim Jirjus Khairallah received his MD from the United States and lived in Brooklyn, New York. He had a long, interesting career in the US and died in Beirut 1929; Na’um Khalil Mughabghab became principal of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) School in Cairo and from 1905-1914 and was Chief Climate Section in the Survey Department in Egypt. He died in November 1919; Ibrahim Musawwir worked in the Chief Translation Office and Public Works Department in Cairo and received the Imperial Order Mejidiah. He died in Halwan, Egypt, January 1920; Yaqub Sarruf, born in Hadath, Beirut, in 1852, BA 1870 and PhD with honors from AUB in 1890. He was the manager of the Tripoli School before he became an instructor at AUB from 1873-1885, editor of several well-known publications: al-Muqattamal-Muqtataf, al-Hilal and Sudan Times and author of many books. He was a member of the Royal Asiatic Society and founder of al-Majma al-Ilmi, in Beirut. He died in July 1927.[23]

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