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Samples of Early AUB Diplomas

These are two diplomas of early students at the Syrian Protestant College, Na’um Mughabghab and Yusuf Hajjar who graduated in 1870 and 1871’ their families donated these diplomas to AUB to preserve for posterity.

Na'um Mughabghab, BA 1870; Headmaster Church Missionary School, Cairo, Egypt; Chief Climate Section, Survey Department Egypt. [24]Deceased in 1919.

The diploma was presented by Naoum Mughabghab’ s grandsons, Theodore and In'am Ra'ad to President Hoelscher In 1980. The diploma was a Bachelor of Arts granted to Mughabghab on July 26, 1870, written in Arabic, and signed by Daniel Bliss, Cornelius Van Dyck, John Wortabet, George E. Post, and David Stuart Dodge.

Yusuf Hajjar physician; born in Bmekkin, Mount Lebanon, MD 1871; married: one boy, two girls; Worked at the Syrian Protestant College as clinical assistant and was also a member of District Court, Lebanon. Deceased, Bmekkin in 1888.[25]

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