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First Homes of the Syrian Protestant College

The first home of the Syrian Protestant College, in 1866, was a separate house in Zuqaq al-Blat close to the American Mission, rented from al-Mu'allim Buṭrus al-Bustani, who ran his al Madrasah al Watanieh there. He had an agreement with the College administration to prepare prospective students of SPC.

Two years later, in 1868, the college moved to a much larger place owned by Mr. Hamadeh, grandfather of Dr. Abdel Rauf Himadeh, for the rent of six hundred Napoleons. The premises had two adjoining buildings that served as a clinic and a hospital. [4]

In 1870, the College once more moved to a larger building, owned by Messrs. Darwish[5] and located opposite Pharaun residence near the Grand Serail. The place was rented for two years for the sum of twenty thousand piastres per year. Both the hospital and clinic remained in these quarters until 1871 when a more satisfactory arrangement was made with the Prussian Hospital.

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