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Ibrahim Al-Hurani (1844-1916)


Portrait of Ibrahim Al-Hurani

مؤسسة المحفوظات الوطنية. (2001). أعلام في ذاكرة لبنان. بيروت: مؤسسة المحفوظات الوطنية

(Service to SPC 1870 [17])

Syrian writer, educator, and poet, Ibrahim al-Hurani was born in Aleppo, Syria, 1844. He had his primary education in the city of Homs and later studied modern sciences and theology at Abeih Seminary for Boys in Lebanon for four years.

In 1870, Daniel Bliss summoned him to teach at the Syrian Protestant College, and he worked with Dr. Van Dyck, who provided him with astronomical experience through the university’s observatory. He also taught at the American Girls’ School, the Patriarchal School in Beirut, and the Evangelical Theological School.

Al-Hurani was a member of the Syrian Scientific Society, founded in 1868, and was president of the Eastern Scientific Academy in Beirut, founded by Van Dyck, Yaqub Saruf, and Fares Nimr.

Throughout his professional life, he worked in the service of American mission scholars in Beirut, where he contributed to editing their publications. He also edited the Weekly Bulletin magazine, issued by the American Mission, and was an editor for the American Mission Press. Hurani was an avid poet and author of several books on different subjects. He died in Beirut

in 1916.[18]

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[18] Ibrahim Hourani, Mu’jam al Babteen.