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Dr. Wortabet was honored by the SPC administration and alumni by commissioning a bust.

John Wortabet bust sculpture, 2010-Ph_AUB_2010-11-3_2_1_88.jpg

John Wortabet bust sculpture, 2010

John Wortabet Bust, 1913

The SPC alumni and friends in Egypt donated the bust of John Wortabet to the College, which was prepared in Italy and unveiled on April 11, 1913, during the 2nd Medical Congress and placed in Ada Dodge Hall then moved to College Hall. But the attack on the building in 1991 forced the University to move the bust to a temporary location in front of the Protection office at the Main Gate. After the rebuilding of College Hall, Campus planning Committee kept the statue near the Main Gate for few years then relocated it to the backyard of Ada Dodge Hall.