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Van Dyck Hall, 1930s-Ph_AUB_1930s_1_1.jpg

Van Dyk Hall, 1930s

Van Dyk Hall, 1931

Completed in 1931 and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, this building is named after Dr. Cornelius Van Dyck. The building was completely renovated in the mid-1970s and in 2004. It currently houses the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Office of Information Technology.

Cornelius VAn Dyck Bust-Ph_AUB_1954-3-5_2_1.jpg

 Cornelius Van Dyck Bust, 1954

Cornelius Van Dyck Bust, 1923

The bust was donated by alumni and friends of the college in Egypt. It was prepared in Italy, unveiled on April 11, 1913, during the 2nd Medical Congress, and placed in Ada Dodge Hall then transferred to Van Dyck Hall.