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Dr. Post was honored by AUB administration and alumni by naming a building after him and commissioning a bust.

Post Hall, 1902

Completed in 1902 and donated by Morris Jesup. The hall was named after Geroge E. Post. In 1962, the interior of the hall was remodeled, and its lower floor occupied by the AUB Archaeological Museum while the Geology Department occupies the top floor. In 2006, a complete renovation of the museum was undertaken through a donation from AUB Board of Trustees member Martha Joukowsky. 

George Edward Post Bust, 1911

The Post bust was presented to the college by the SPC trustees and alumni and unveiled at Post Hall in a special ceremony in 1911 [11]

George E. Post bust dedication 1911-Ph_SPC-AUB_1911-6-21_1.jpg

George Edward Post Bust, 1911

[11] Dedication of the Bust of Dr. Post. (1911). Al Kulliyah Magazine, v.II, no.8 June 1911, (287-290)