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A Child's Companion

Dar al-Fata published a number of series, addressed to different age groups and reading levels. The most famous of these is Qaws Qozah (Rainbow) for younger children, which comprised over twenty small square-shaped books of two-page drawings and one line of text. A series for older children, Al-Mustaqbal li al-Atfal (The Future is for Children) is also well-known. Putting out over forty titles in all, it offered more text and more complex story lines.. Other series included Kutub al-Shams (Books of the Sun); Qabl al-Madrasah (Preschool); al-Ufuq al-Jadeed (The New Horizon) which published the first version of Kanafani's al-Qindil al-Saghir (The Little Lantern), and Tanabelat al-Subyan (The Slacker Boys) by Hijazi, which featured comic books with strong satirical elements commenting incisively on the political situation in the Arab world.