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Mohieddine al-Labbad

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Mohieddine el Labbad studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, and worked as an illustrator and caricaturistat Rozel Yossef and Sabah el kheyr magazines.In 1974, he began work for Dar e lFata el Arabi, producing some of their most stunning material. The three books published by dar el Fata and illustrated by El Labbad which are featured here won prizes for best children’s book in Arabic from the Beirut Book Fair and a silver medal from the Leipzig International Book Fair. Also, featured here is El Labbad’s Alfiyyat Filastin which displays El Labbad’s peculiar style and technique of combining iconic cultural images, and items and his book, Kashkoul el Rassam, and the magazine Nazar, both of which were produced after h eleft Dar el Fata are displayed here. Kashkoul el rassam won the prestigious Golden Apple award at the Biennial of illustration in Bratislava, the Octogone de Chêne from the Centre International d’Études en Littérature de Jeunesse in France, and the Bern Blaue Brillenschlange award, and was translated to several languages.