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architectural features 2

main gate top floor.jpg

Main Gate top floor, 2015


The Main Gate is not simply a gate: it is also a building: it has an upper floor, where currently the AUB Workers' Syndicate is housed, as well as a basement.


Visitor's Bureau at Main Gate basement, 2015


The Basement, which currently houses the Visitors' Bureau, has a beautiful vaulted arch in the center, beneath the main passageway.


Main Gate basement ceiling, 2015


The ceiling of the basement, constructed with sand stone, and later on reinforced with steel beams as shown here in the image, also contains mini arches, most likely to help distribute the weight, and support the heavy structure above it.


Visitor's Bureau at Main Gate basement, 2015


A vault arch, with a pointed center, and thick walls.


AUB Main Gate, 1988

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Horseshoe or keyhole arches, with colonnades on the side, and two mirroring wrought iron grills at the top: a perfect symmetry, all over.

mg stairs.jpg

Main Gate Stairs, 2015


The stairs inside the building leading to the upper floor were also made out of beach wood: here they have a lighter color, and do evoke a banister like stair leading up to the pulpit.


Main Gate Stairs, 2015


A window looking out onto the street as you come up the stairs: small architectural details like these show the concern of the architect with the external facade, and with the attempt to create an external envelope through which the Gate was mostly intended to be perceived for maximum effect and symbolism.


Main Gate window, 2015


A low window on the upper floor, showing the top floor at a slightly elevated level from the street, reinforcing the sense of observation and function of the Main Gate as a Gate House.