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An Administrative and a Reception Building

Main Gate 1901.jpg

Main Gate 1902

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"We have the pleasure of recording the satisfaction with which the new Administration Building has been occupied during the past year in all its parts. The Treasurer's offices have proved most convenient. The Reception Room for students’ friends has solved a difficult problem without the appearance of lack of hospitality. The Double Gateway has prevented to a large extent infelicitous crowding of students about the entrance to the grounds, while the Faculty Rooms conveniently furnished with armchairs adapted for note taking has provided an admirable place for our weekly meetings, central and yet wholly private."

Syrian Protestant College. (1903). Annual report of the board of managers of the Syrian Protestant College. Beirut: American University of Beirut, 1902-03



  President Daniel Bliss with his wife Abby Wood Bliss and visitors, 1900

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It is perhaps noteworthy that the Administration Building or Main Gate as we know it today initially housed the Office of the President on its upper floor, a fact perhaps speaking to the openness of the University, and to its willingness to engage with its surroundings.

President Dodge, Mr. Stewart and Prof. Day at Main Gate, 1925.jpg

   President Bayard Dodge, Mr. George Black Stewart and Prof.  Alfred Ely Day  at Main Gate, 1925

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The Administration Building also housed the Office of the Treasurer, in addition to a reception room for the students, their friends, families and visitors. In 1901, David Stuart Dodge occupied the function of Treasurer of the College.