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Main Gate Planning and Funding

David Stuart Dodge, 1908.jpg

David Stuart Dodge, Professor of English and Latin, President of the Board of Trustees, 1908

ASC, AUB Libraries Photo Collection

Dr. Dodge actively pursued all the planning details, including financing, cost, choice of material, architectural features, etc. He writes to Dr. Bliss:

"We have not been able so far to make any estimate of the cost of the Gate House but I doubt if it will cost less than $3,500 [...]. I personally think it will run over that figure. We should like to make the entrance way and inside archways of hard stone polished. This will add very much to the cost probably a couple of hundred dollars but will add very materially to the effect. Do you advise it?"





Old Hand Laundry, 1931.jpg

Women doing laundry, 1931

ASC, Jafet Library, AUB Photo Collection

In a letter to Bliss dated February 12, 1901, Dr. Dodge writes:

"….If you make a large fine Saracene Arch, with rooms overhead for the gate man and family and a good sized reception rooms for students to see friends or transact business.[...] and if you have a strong pair of gates (heavy wood with embossed…nails) and perhaps a smaller room behind for washer women and porters key. Have a pair of lighter iron gates for constant use. I am sure it will prove an improvement. Please go ahead and construct it and let me know the cost. I want to pay for all alterations and additions to that building."



September 1934.jpg

Main Gate Building seen from College Hall

ASC, AUB Libraries Photo Collection, Dr. Saul Rosenburg Photo Collection, MD 1939.


" [...]The stairway we expect to throw over to the East side, and the rear face change to the front face and the front to the rear. This last change is that the windows may not be directly to the street. If you remember the windows at the near are high up. [...]"

Robert Haldane West.jpg

Robert Haldane West, 1893

Instructor in Mathematics and Astronomy, Director of the Lee Observatory and first Dean of FAS, 1884-1906

ASC, AUB Libraries Photo Collection


"The more we have thought of the plans the more persuaded we have become that it would be mistake to alter the plans in any essential detail.  [...] Prof. West says he will write you some further details and ask your advice on certain points. [...]"

Main Gate under construction -Moore Collection.jpg

Main Gate under construction, 1901

ASC, AUB Libraries Photo Collection, Franklin Moore Photograph Collection

June 20th, 1901

C.B. Mervin

718 Fulton Street, New York

Dear Sir,


You will be interested to hear that we have broken ground for the new Gate House. Prof. West has been ill for some time, so Dr. Moore and I had to lay it out. It has been placed opposite the middle of the Main Building. It will be a noble entrance and fill a long felt want this must be one of the most useful buildings we have.

With best wishes and Kindest regards,

Ever…… Sincerely yours

Stuart D. Jesup