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The AUB Archives and Special Collections hold over 70 student publications, dating from as early as 1899,up to the present (Rusted Radishes). In this exhibit, we focus on student magazines published between 1899 and 1939. The titles displayed here were published in several languages, i.e. Arabic, English, and French, by students of different nationalities, backgrounds and majors, at SPC and AUB. The magazines vary in content, subjects, layout and design, length of run, as well as significance and impact, but in all cases, they offer us a first-hand narrative of the students’ individual and group concerns, interests, ambitions, and outlooks in the first half of the twentieth century. Through the plethora of backgrounds, opinions, political affiliation, aesthetics, interests, approach, editorial boards, and formats that they exemplify, these magazines are a real treasure trove for sources on students’ life at SPC, and AUB, testifying to the richness of the liberal arts education AUB has offered to its students since 1866.

Exhibit curators: Kaoukab Chebaro and Samar Mikati.
Acknowledgments: Many thanks go to Dalya Nouh for her support in content development.