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AUB Alumni in Lebanese Government, and in Key Regional and local Positions

Decree to assign Dr jpg.jpg

Letter addressed to Constantine Zurayk, appointing him as Plenipotentiary Minister for Syria in Washington D.C.

Constantine Zurayk Collection, Archives and Special Collections, Jafet Library, AUB

AUB Alumni in Lebanese Government ...and elsewhere, regionally

"Since the establishment on November 27, 1941, of the independence of the Republic of Lebanon, several graduates and former students of the American University have taken prominent places in the government. Hikmet Bey Junblat, an alumnus and former teacher, is Minister of Defense and Health; Ramiz Sarkis, who finished the first year of college at the A.U.B., is Minister of National Education; and Joseph Shamaoun, another former student, has recently replaced another A.U.B. man, Moussa Mubarak, as Director of National Education. President Dodge himself is a member of the National Board of Education. Ahmad al-Asad is Minister of Agriculture, and Halim Najjar, who still directs the work of the University’s Village Welfare Service, is Director of Agriculture. Philip Boulus is Vice–president of the Council and Minister of Justice." Professor Constantine Zurayk is called to head the Consular Diplomatic mission for Syria.

Beirut National Museum, 1960.jpg

Beirut National Museum, ca. 1942

Manoug Photograph Collection, Archives and Special Collections, Jafet Library, AUB


The University helps with National efforts:

The University also helped with various National and public endeavours, including having some of its Faculty serve on the Municipal Council of Beirut, and help with the Lebanese National Museum.