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Shift of Powers: the Allies enter the regional scene


Supplement to the London Gazette, August 13, 1946

Regional Shift of Powers

"This year saw many gains on the Allied Front: in April 1942, The Royal Air Force begins its systematic area bombing of German cities; in June, the US Navy gains a vital victory over the Japanese at the Battle of Midway, giving it naval superiority in the Pacific, and in July, the First battle of El-Alamein between Allied and Axis forces begins. The region also saw the retreat of the Vichy regime:

"July 15, 1941, General Dentz surrendered and the army of General Sir H. Maitland Wilson occupied Syria and Lebanon. A copy of the final ultimatum was dropped by a British plane on the campus and communicated to General Duntz by the American Consul General."

Reports of 1941-1942, Near East Service Quarterly, V.3 NO 3, October 1942. In AA2. DODGE/BOX 4


Portrait of General Georges Catroux, former Governor of French Indo-China, who was superseded when he refused to carry out the instructions of the Vichy Government. He joined General Charles De Gaulle's staff with the Free French forces in Lebanon, 1941.

The Free French Troops: General Catroux

General Georges Catroux was placed in charge of the Free French troops, as well as the civil administration in the country, and General Sir Edward Louis Spears headed a mission for collaboration between the Free French and British forces. By the end of September all of the Vichy troops had sailed for France."

Reports of 1941-1942, Near East Service Quarterly, V.2 NO 2, April 1941. In AA2. DODGE/BOX 4



Mr. casey.jpg

Mr. Casey, with Major General Spears on his right and President Bayard Dodge of the University on his left, on the grounds of the University, 1941.

British Imperial War Museum Album, Archives and Special Collections, Jafet Library, AUB

 A courteous visit to AUB: Generals de Gaulle and Catroux on campus

General de Gaulle and General Catroux very courteously called at the University, on July 27th.   Sir Henry Maitland Wilson, who later became a Field Marshall, and Major General Sir Edward Louis Spears established intimate relationships with the institution and great kindness was shown by the officers of the Australian Army.




General Wilson signing the Armistice agreement, General lavarack is on his right.jpg

General Wilson signing the Armistice, with General Lavarack, from the Australian Battalion on his right; Australian War Memorial,

Armistice is Signed

A cease fire is put in place, and an armistice is signed between the French Vichy troops and the Allied forces.Vichy troops sail to France, and a brigade of Australians take their place.



رسالة من عمر الداعوق الى  فريد فليحان.jpg

رسالة من عمر الداعوق الى فريد فليحان تتعلق بتبرعه للجنة الإسعاف في الجامعة

Archives and Special Collections, Jafet Library, AUB

Short on supplies

"As there was a bad harvest in 1941 and a large amount of grain was smuggled out of the country during the Vichy regime, one of the first tasks of the Allies was to bring in supplies of food."

Reports of 1941-1942, Near East Service Quarterly, V.3 NO 3, October 1942. In AA2. DODGE/BOX 4