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Louis Crevier, J. B. (1755). Histoire Romaine depuis la fondation de Rome (Volume Cinquieme). Halle, Germany: Jean Justin Gebauer

histoire romaine 004.jpg

Jean Baptiste Louis Crevier (1693-1765) was a French Historian and Humanist. He studied under the tutorship of Charles Rollin (1661-1741) and held the post of Rector of the University of Paris and Professor of Rhetoric at the Collège de Beauvais. Influenced by his professor, Crevier sought to complete Rollin’s unfinished work Roman History, (completing the five last volumes of the intended nine). In spite of its many factual shortcomings and limited primary sources, Rollin/Crevier’s Roman History acquired a referential status, fulfilling, thereby, the objective with which it was first conceived: an instructive, pedagogical  history textbook that corresponded to the purposes of the time.