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Reports, and Administrative Questions after the Declaration of Greater Lebanon


Armee Francaise du Levant, Rapport Hebdomadaire, Septembre, 1-6, 1920: Liban

French Army of the Levant,

Weekly report, September 1-6, 1920.


C- Lebanon

The General Commander-in-Chief solemnly proclaimed the GREATER LEBANON, on September 1, in Beirut, in front of a massive crowd from all over the new territory to greet the fulfillment of its secular vows: its liberation and independence.
It was the occasion of a real national protest. General GOURAUD, coming from ALEY, his summer residence, was received in a city full of enthusiastic people. […] the new Lebanese flag of our three colors adorned with the cedar on its white stripe. The entire population, regardless of its beliefs, gathered at Parc des Pins, where the ceremony was to take place — the General GOURAUD was surrounded by all the Lebanese notables, to his right the Maronite Patriarch and to his left the Grand Mufti. After having listened to the welcoming speeches which reassured him of the enormous recognition from the Lebanese people and to an emotional crowd, he delivered the declaration of Greater Lebanon, which was greeted with massive approval and applause. […] 


Armée Francaise du Levant, Rapport Hebdomadaire, Semaine du 15 au 21 Septombre: Etat du Grand Liban

French Army of the Levant

Aley, September 22, 1920

Weekly report, September 15-21, 1920


C- State of Greater Lebanon

The general situation in Greater Lebanon remains satisfactory. The Lebanese National Party in Cairo has spread a brochure containing the Party's program and status.
The author envisions the mandate of a Power as an aid that must provide the Country with "supreme prosperity and absolute independence," reclaiming a royalty for Greater Lebanon.


Affaires Étrangeres, Télégramme, Beyrouth, le 23 Décembre 1920 

December 23, 1920.

“Certificates of Identity" currently issued in Greater Lebanon are drawn upon an old (sample) from the Ottoman Ministry of Interior and such that the holder is an Ottoman citizen. This last mention offends the Lebanese: they find it in contradiction with the proclamation of the State of Greater Lebanon [...].”. The heading " Ottoman Empire "will be replaced  for passports currently issued in Syria and thus conceived:" the French Republic mandated in Syria and Lebanon.” The indication of nationality will be replaced by that of the origin until we can mention a Syrian or Lebanese nationality.


Ministére des Affaires Étrangeres, Telegramme, de la part du Général Gouraud, Decembre 23, 1920

December 23, 1920

From the General Gouraud,
“Please send me a telegraph or let me know where the question of the census stands, especially in Lebanon.”


Affaires Étrangeres, Telegramme, Beyrouth, le 28 Décembre, 1920 (Response to the census letter December 23, 1920)

Response to the census letter December 28, 1920

“Draft regulator census prepared by Greater Lebanon, subject to review by the Legislative and Judicial Council.”

October 25, 1920.


Etat du Grand Liban, Carte du Recensement, Service de Travaux Publics

Census map for Greater Lebanon, with population statistical table for each caza


Haut Commissariat & Armée Du Levant, Service du Renseignement, Secret. Bulletin Périodique du Renseignement no. 34

The French Republic. Ministry of War

Periodical intelligence Bulletin no. 34

September 21- October 5, 1921.



The state of Damascus and Greater Lebanon

“The most favorable climate, for commercial operations and the resumption of the economic life, prevails throughout the state of Damascus and Greater Lebanon.
On October 1, the Homs-Tripoli railway, which is of considerable economic importance, was inaugurated. It settles indirect relations to the coastal zone, the interior Greater-Lebanon, and the State of Damascus [...]
Economic interests will hopefully lead to political and religious rivalries and will definitively link Tripoli to the cause of Greater Lebanon.”

Signed:  Head of the Eastern Section of the third Bureau. VINCENT


Haut Commissariat & Armée Du Levant, Service du Renseignement, Secret. Bulletin Périodique du Renseignement no. 37

Office of the High Commissioner and Levant Army
Secret Information Service Secret
Periodic Intelligence Bulletin No. 37

November 5- 20, 1921.

Not signed

Greater Lebanon
“While enjoying the favorable prospects of the recent agreement in Lebanon as well as in Syria, Christians and Muslims give free rein to their spirit of intrigue. It is mainly about the future of the Lebanese status, whose modalities are [...] discussed by the press of all parties. The elections and powers of the Consultative Assembly, where the personal interest of those who aspire to play a political role is perceived, are objects of continual criticism.”