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Al-Thamarah (1914) الثمرة


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Al-Thamarah (1914) الثمرة


مجلة تصدرها جمعية ثمرة الاستعدادية. من رؤساء التحرير محمود حمدي ومحمد سلام


The first issue of al Thamarah, issued by Thamarat al Este’dadiyah Society, appeared on February 6th, 1914. The editors of the first volume were Mohamad Salam, Mahmoud Hamdi, Nicholas Bshara and Antonios Hayli. The board of editors changed with every volume, counting among the editing members important figures, e.g. Mr. Omar el Yafi (1915-1916), Muhyeddine Halawani (1916-1917 and 1918- 1919), Matta Akrawi (1919-1920), Abdallah Mashnouk (1918-1919) and Anis Nsouli (1918-1919) (the latter two went on to publish and edit the newspaper Beirut Al Masa).
The library holds five volumes, each one covering an academic year. Al-thamarah discussed student life after the decline of the Ottoman Empire; covered visits of prominent personalities to the Syrian Protestant College, e.g. Prince Faysal and General Allenby, and contained many illustrations by Omar El Onsi ( see issues of 1918 and 1919). Featured here is a portrait Prince Faysal by Onsi.





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