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Happy Days of SPC (1903)


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Happy Days of SPC (1903)


A bi-monthly then monthly review. Its Editor in Chief was the Instructor of English Mr. Nikula Tabit


A bi-monthly (1903-1904) then monthly (1905) review. Beautifully illustrated with some comics and designs on the cover page, mostly executed by Harotyun GiragosTerzian, B.A. 1907. The first issue appeared on December 1st, 1903 and the Chief Editor was the instructor of English in the Preparatory Department, Mr. Nikula Tabit (1903-1904). The board of publishers consisted mainly of Armenian students, with Terzian being the main illustrator of the review. The library holds 7 issues from the years 1903-1904, and 4 from 1905. The content of the articles includes short stories, riddles and puzzles.





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