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Armée Francaise du Levant, Rapport Hebdomadaire, Septembre, 1-6, 1920: Liban



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Armée Francaise du Levant, Rapport Hebdomadaire, Septembre, 1-6, 1920: Liban


Reports after the Declaration of Greater Lebanon


French Army of the Levant,
Weekly report, September 1-6, 1920.

The General Commander-in-Chief solemnly proclaimed the GREATER LEBANON, on September 1st, in Beirut, in front of a massive crowd from all over the new territory to greet the fulfillment of its secular vows: its liberation and independence.
It was the occasion of a real national protest. General GOURAUD, coming from ALEY, his summer residence, was received in a city full of enthusiastic people.
[…] the new Lebanese flag of our three colors adorned with the cedar on its white stripe.
The entire population, regardless of its beliefs, gathered at Parc des Pins, where the ceremony was to take place — the General GOURAUD was surrounded by all the Lebanese notables, to his right the Maronite Patriarch and to his left the Grand Mufti. After having listened to the welcoming speeches which reassured him of the enormous recognition from the Lebanese people and to an emotional crowd, he delivered the declaration of Greater Lebanon, which was greeted with massive approval and applause.
[…] The borders of the new State have been set from HOMS to the boundaries of PALESTINE and to the East until the crests of ANTI- LEBANON. They include TRIPOLI, SAIDA, TYR, and BEIRUT, which is now the capital of GREATER LEBANON.


France. Ministère des Affaires étrangères
Direction des Affaires Politiques et Commerciales
Archives Diplomatiques
Série: E-Levant 1918-1929
Sous -Série: Syrie-Liban-Cilicie
Reel 122
P. 151, 162-163






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