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  • ConstantineZureik.png

    Dr. Constantine Zurayk: Knowledge at the Service of Life

    Constantine Zurayk (1909-2000) was a prominent scholar, diplomat, and historian. He assumed various distinctive academic and administrative functions both in the regional and international arenas. The exhibit showcases documents, photos, and letters from Dr. Zurayk’ s collection that reflect the multi-faceted personality and rich life that he led and reflects aspects of the socio-cultural and political context of a formative period in Arab modern history. These valuable records constitute a wealth of material for all those interested in the intellectual and political history of the region.

  • AUbandWW2.png

    AUB and World War Two (1939-45)

    This exhibit focuses on the American University of Beirut (AUB) during the period of the Second World War, 1939-1945, using archival material and photographs from our collections to provide some insights into the suffering, relief efforts, and transformation that the country and the University witnessed during this period. The exhibit is of importance to researchers in social service and the history of AUB and the region. It complements the exhibit on Syrian Protestant College and the Great War (1914-1918).

  • Manoug.png

    Manoug’s Magic Lantern : Views onto Lebanon

    Manoug Alemian (1918-1994) a talented Armenian photographer, worked in Lebanon (1936-1977) as the official photographer of the Ministry of Tourism and Baalbek Festival promoting the idea that Lebanon was the” Switzerland of the East”. The exhibit offers a rich and varied sampling from Manoug’s oeuvre, ranging across dates (1940s – 1970s), subjects (portraits, landscapes, festivals, crafts, etc.) and media (silver gelatin, color prints, negatives, and transparencies). The exhibit gives an overview of the socio-cultural history of Lebanon and the history of professional photography in the Middle East during the 20th century.

  • ZakiNassif.png

    المسيرة نحو الإبداع في الموسيقى لدى زكي ناصيف

  • AUBs-maingate.png

    AUB's Main Gate

  • Comics.png

    Comics: A Very Serious Matter!

    Comics is currently considered, by many academics,  a rich subject of research, worthy of studying across disciplines, and from a variety of perspectives. Advocates of the ninth art, both within and outside academia, believe that because comics shed light on many questions, concepts, ideas, historical periods, social and economic issues, and power relations, they are specially fit to support liberal arts curricula. In this exhibit, we focus on some questions relating to the perspective of Arab comics, digging into the wealth of material offered to us through our growing AUB University Library Comics collection.

  • SyrianProtestantCOllege.png

    The Syrian Protestant College and the Great War (1914-18)

    One of the most savage wars witnessed by humanity, the Great War, would ensue in 1914 raging for four years across several continents and would eventually annihilate millions of casualties. In this exhibit we try to display archival material that retrace this trajectory, showcasing photos, letters, reports, diaries, etc., which bear witness to the tragedies that occurred in Syria, to the hardships the College faced, to the flexibility, engagement, and vision of the College community, and to the influential role that the university was destined to play in the region.

  • StudentsMagazines.png

    AUB Student Magazines 1899-1934

    The Archives Department hold over 70 student publications. This exhibit focuses on magazines published between 1899 and 1939, many of which were handwritten. The periodicals were mainly published in Arabic, English, and French and vary in subjects, layout, length of run, but in all cases, they offer a first-hand narrative of the students’ concerns, activities, interests, opinions, and outlooks in the first half of the twentieth century. These magazines are an exceptional source of information on students’ life at SPC/ AUB, testifying to the richness of the liberal arts education at the University.

  • DarAlfata.png

    Dar al-Fata al-Arabi